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Murphy's Miniature Gin Baubles


Sold Out

Upgrade your Christmas tree with our fantastic festive gift set featuring three Christmas "booze baubles" filled with our signature gin flavours.

A perfect stocking filler for all gin lovers.

1 x 5cl - Murphy's Original London Dry Gin (42% abv)

1 x 5cl - Murphy’s Pomegranate & Kaffir Lime Gin (42% abv)

1 x 5cl - Murphy’s Orange & Passionfruit Gin (42% abv)

3 x plastic baubles each filled with a different variety of Murphy's Gin, the name of each gin is printed on each ribbon. OVER 18'S ONLY
Image of SOLD OUT Valentines Hamper With Miniature Set
Image of Murphy's Miniature Gin Baubles